Color Redo: Palm Springs Inspired

by - Tuesday, April 04, 2017

For me, color plays a huge part in my life. I've always loved rooms with bold, bright colors and accessories that are just as bold sprinkled throughout. Maybe that's why I have a thing for Jonathan Adler and Palm Springs, California? My space to me is a mix of bohemian paired with the dreamy place of Palm Springs. A favorite hotel of mine is the very bold Saguaro Hotel. Their very colorful scheme is mirrored throughout the entire place both on the inside and outside. The rooms are delightful and you definitely catch the color vibes instantly creating a lovely color crush! It wasn't hard to draw inspiration from this special city for my new colorful space!

For this latest project, I've partnered with Dunn-Edwards Paints to create a little oasis in my home that takes me to Palm Springs everyday! No more color crushing! It's here to stay. Have you wanted to add color to your space but haven't had the right time or couldn't decide on a color? My motto for this year is to make time for things that make you happy. Find your joy in everything you do! For those of you that are unsure of where to pull inspiration from and how to choose a color, Dunn-Edwards has a lovely inspiration board called Beyond Wild Imaginations that is available to spark your desire for color! In addition to this inspiration board, Dunn-Edwards also has an amazing FREE color consultation service! Wonder no more, this is your year to be bold!

A week ago I traveled to my local Dunn-Edwards Paints and had the opportunity to meet with a fabulous gal named Amy, who is a Professional Color Advisor, and started my Palm Springs journey. I shared with her photos of my space and we chatted about my inspiration and current accessories in my space. We decided on something similar to sunshine (because sunshine is always a GOOD idea!) and pulled out a blue that was evident in many of my home accessories. It was so fun to play around with their program and it made it easy to visualize what it would look like in our home. We choose the colors Dandelion-DE5417 and Winter Escape-DE5750! (see below)

On top of the fabulous colors, I learned about the quality of the paint. The colors were mixed into Dunn-Edwards Paints EVEREST which is a low odor, Zero VOC, and self priming paint. THAT matters to me! I read about their mission and it's companies like this that make people like me very happy!

Their website reads-

"At Dunn-Edwards, our mission has always been to provide the best performing paint, in an environmentally sound manner to protect the health and well being of our customers. We were a disciplined leader in the concept of green product manufacturing long before it became popular."

Now onto the reveal!

We decided to paint our TV wall in our living room because it was the perfect accent wall to our space. We wanted it to be vibrant but not overwhelming. The space was a blank white canvas previously and it was just missing that extra zest. All the parts were their however the glue was not. Check out the before/after photo to see how much this space transformed!

Next up was our entry! The first glimpse into our home lacked life. It was cluttered and just plain boring. I pictured myself walking into this space as if I was walking outside in the sunshine. I wanted to get that feeling upon entering our home. Check this one out! We are in love!

We are so thrilled with our new colors! The choices have infused a new level of zest into our home. Absolutely no complaints here, just happiness! Dunn-Edwards Paints, we thank you. This fabulous place made my painting experience lovely! I am a customer for life. The high-quality paints, green legacy and variety in color make it a no brainer for me. Lastly, they know their stuff. For your very own color consultation, find a local Dunn-Edwards store and sign up for a free color consultation and coupon that’s valid for one FREE 8 oz sample!

Happy painting & inspiration!

xoxo, Rachel

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  1. Great colors! I'm feeling the summer already!

  2. Both colors are so bright and cheerful -- very pretty. :)

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