A new life hack for bill splitting + more!

by - Saturday, December 10, 2016

I'm always a fan of life hacks. Browse the internet and you'll see a handful of crazy ideas that blow your mind. Today I'm happy to share with you a new tool that you can use for a variety of reasons! Have you heard of Square Cash? No? You're about to!

Square Cash makes like easier. It's as simple as that. Have you ever gone out to dinner with friends and it becomes a hassle for you to split the bill so you don't and then you still want to pay them back but you have no cash? Or have you been in the coffee shop drive-thru and your friend buys your coffee out of convenience and you insist on paying her back? What about when you go over your $20 cash limit when you're going to garage sales and your Mom loans you another $20? All of these reasons are why you should definitely check out Square Cash!

Square Cash is a free APP that you can download from Google Play  or iTunes store. You can accept and send money easily by going through the simple prompts and adding a debit card to your account. So easy, takes a minute, really!

Others who have downloaded Square Cash App are using it for a handful of reasons. See below --

  • Paying the babysitter
  • Collecting rent/utilities from housemates
  • Sending money to your sister in Minneapolis
  • Splitting the bill at meals
  • Buying concert tickets
  • Planning a party with friends

If you think you'd use it, definitely check it out! It's always nice to have another option because we can always use them.

Happy weekend!

xo, Rachel

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