Tips: Simple & Useful Vacation Ideas

by - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I love vacation and travel inspired fashion. There is something liberating about traveling. It frees you from your everyday life, and allows you to see things in a new and fresh light. When I go on a vacation, I always take the chance to buy new outfits – who doesn’t? I always enjoy buying clothes, but there is something extra special about shopping for a vacation. 

The fact that you are going on an adventure, and be staying somewhere different, where hardly anyone knows you, is great. It allows you to ignore your preconceptions, and try something different. I love having the chance to experiment with new looks, but there are a few items that I would never travel without. Read on to find out what they are.

Sensible shoes

Top of my list is a pair of comfortable shoes. If you like to explore, this is essential. You will not get far with aching feet. It is always a good idea to buy your vacation footwear a few weeks before you are due to travel, and break them in. There is nothing worse than walking to the bar, on your first day, and discovering you have developed blisters. Going in the sea will help with healing, but getting sand in them is going to hurt. Not to mention the fact that, sandals look awful with sticking blisters. I love at least one pair of slip on sandals, two is even better!

A nice dress

Tops and shorts or skirts are great, but if you are invited out on a date it is always good to have a dress, and some costume jewellery, to wear. Provided you choose the right type, you can wear it during the day too. Dresses are a great way to stay cool. A long one is especially useful if you do not feel like shaving your legs every day, or are suffering from sunburn. A versatile and light weight dress is a necessity for me!

Something warm

As you can see from this report, the vast majority of people seek out the sun when they go on vacation. As a result, most travelers pack for warm weather. This is OK, but sometimes you can be caught out in the cold by taking this approach. Even in the hottest places, bad weather is always a possibility, so it is wise to be prepared. Check the weather forecast and see what the temperatures and weather patterns are before you arrive! By packing a lightweight cardigan and some sort of waterproof jacket, along with a pair of jeans, you can be prepared for all weathers. Doing so means that you will still be able to walk to the nightclub, or bar, and not have to spend the night in wet clothes.

Good makeup

If you want to look your best, at all times, it makes sense to take your makeup with you. Some people can get by with just some lipstick and mascara. This is OK if you are sure you will not end up going out on a special night out, but I like to be prepared.
I also like to maintain my regular skincare routine, with some of my normal products put into smaller containers, and take them with me. ::Hint:: You need to be careful when doing this because there is a higher risk of having something leak. You should always put these travel containers into a plastic bag before putting them in your case just to be extra careful. 

Are you going on a vacation before Summer ends? My last piece of advice would be to pack light! You can always purchase something you left out on your trip! Also, save some extra room for shopping!

xo, R

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