Computer Makeover AKA FreshStart My PC

by - Monday, July 18, 2016


If you're like me then you can agree that a new computer sounds much better than an old one. No? Our PC has been around for a few years and it actually feels like it is now part of the family. Haha! With the aging of many things, it seems as if they do not perform as well as they once did. Myself included! We have an older Dell desktop computer and it's seen better days. We've been plagued with slow connection speeds and our computer freezing up every once in awhile. It gets frustrating and then the frustration turns to "honey, we need a new computer."

Until hearing about FreshStart for my pc I haven't really been too enthused with our computer. What is FreshStart you may be asking? FreshStart is a more affordable option than buying a new PC or even cheaper than taking your computer to the geek squads pc repair team. So, how do I buy it and what exactly do we need to do is your next question, I know this. The answer from the FreshStart team is this. FreshStarting your PC is affordable: A laptop service bundle is $168, and a desktop bundle is $178—both of which are a fraction of the cost of a new PC. For people who feel comfortable with following a YouTube hard drive replacement video, we offer the FreshStart DIY kit on NewEgg and Amazon starting at just $89. 

All of this sounds so good, right? Well, it is. Just ask all of the happy customers! It's really like taking yourself to the spa or enjoying a great cup of coffee with a friend. You get refreshed and rejuvenated all from hanging out with girlfriends or a nice facial. Think of this like taking your computer to the spa. Your computer gets refreshed and upgraded all while still staying your same old computer.  Do you want to know if it will work on your computer? Well, check it out through this link here to find out. Some key things to know: Your computer must be 10 years old or less. It must be able to reboot on/off to Windows. It also must be a laptop or a desktop PC. You must also have your license key sticker for windows 7 or have windows 10. Pretty simple but to know for sure if your computer would be a candidate, check it out here.
If your computer meets these specifications, it’s a FreshStart Candidate! Of course, we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

I'm looking forward to treating my computer to this virtual facelift and fabulous program so we can start all over again.

Would you try something like this? Or would you buy new?


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