When Parenting Styles Don't Mix

by - Monday, February 15, 2016

Hi friends! So I'm talking about something a little different here today, PARENTING! If you're not a parent, I'm sorry and will say that this may not be for you. I'm digging into parenting styles and what to do when yours doesn't jive with a friends style.

When it comes to parenting style, Diana Baumrind did a study in the 70's and broke it down into 4 main groups.
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Since it's now 2016, these have been modernized but most still fall into one of these 4 categories. It's hard for me to put myself into a box and feel comfortable being in 1 of these categories. I'm more of a mix. What about you?

I'm digging in deep and sharing my findings over on Mode, so please jump on over by clicking below on my story. I'd love to get your thoughts on a situation you may have had or just chime in with your parenting style. :)

Check out When Parenting Styles Clash: How to Deal.
by Rachel Will at Mode


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