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by - Friday, February 05, 2016

Today I'm so excited to partner with Target Swim for the #NOFOMO swimsuit campaign! Say NO to the fear of missing out! In the past I've restricted myself from doing things because of my insecurities and have missed out on a lot of fun. It's sad that I prevented myself, my son and my family from things because I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. Not long ago I had one of those "aha" moments like on the Oprah Show and since that day I've been slowly catapulting my life in a new and exciting direction.  My body may not be exactly where I want it to be however I'm NO LONGER letting my insecurities hold me back. No more excuses for me! My legs aren't too flabby or unfit, they are there to support me and to walk with my head high. Am I right friends? Have you let your insecurities hold you back? I'm going to soak up the sun poolside many, many times this summer with my son and I can't wait!

Right now Target Swim has a beautiful selection for all shapes and sizes. I purchased 3 pieces from the Target Swim Collection that were perfect for me. My shape is a cross between hour glass and apple. I chose to add a LBB (little black bikini) and a trendy lace one piece that is amazing! (see below) First off, I fully believe in the little black dress and a little black bikini is no different! A bikini is for any shape really. For my shape I chose a side tie bikini bottom because it's guaranteed to fit me. If you need to tighten up the sides you can do that and you can also loosen them up just as easy. Target has SO many different bikini tops so I chose one with my cup size for the most comfortable coverage for me. Since I've had my son, I've felt most comfortable wearing a one piece suit however I wanted to add a little more sass to my typical style. I chose this amazing lace one piece that covers up the stomach but also is sexy as it still has the essence of a bikini. I LOVE IT! I couldn't resist. See my suits below as well as a few of my favorites for my similar shape.

My suit on the left is the crochet halter one-piece  or letter C.) below and on the right is letters A.) & B.) The D shaped cup halter bikini top and the keyhole string hipster bikini bottom.

a.) d-cup halter bikini top b.) keyhole string hipster bikini bottom c.) women's crochet halter one-piece  d.) d-cup halter bikini top e.) tabside hipster bikini bottom f.) underwire tankini top
g.) mesh inset one-piece

This season, Target has all the swimwear trends, all the styles and all the accessories to mix, match, personalize and put together any swim look. Shop swimsuits in-store or online at Target.com. With Target’s free shipping and free returns policy, you can try as many swimsuits as you want and return what doesn’t work!

Why you should consider a LBB/Little Black Bikini:

  1. You can find one to fit any size or shape!

  2. Black bikini's compliment any skin tone.

  3. You can wear it in any locale not just in Palm Springs or at the beach, take them anywhere.

  4. You can always accessorize and consider your LBB a neutral canvas to tone up or down.

  5. Will never go out of style, a classic staple for your swim wardrobe.

Whatever type of suit you end up sporting this season, do it with confidence! This season I'm going to reflect on my previous 'not good enough' feelings and sit with them, move on, and lastly enjoy life. It'll pass you by if you let it. I'm not going to let it do that any longer. I'd love for you to join me in standing tall and strong by showing off the real you! Please consider joining me in the #NOFOMO campaign along with #TargetStyle by stopping your insecurities in their tracks. No more fear of missing out on anything! Stand up and be proud, empower others to do the same. I'd love to see you join me by quieting that little voice that says you're not good enough and show yourself in your suit proudly along with me. What will you do this swimsuit season? The next warm day, my son and I will be going to our local pool to soak it all in.


A special thank you to Target for sponsoring today's post and raising awareness for the #NOFOMO campaign.

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  1. you look FABULOUS my friend! i agree its hard to not love everything about our bodies but that's ok because we really do look great! love your choices too! xo


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