Why You Should Shop Locally Owned Stores For Holiday Gifts & Beyond

by - Friday, January 01, 2016

It's time to wrap up shopping for all of your holiday gifts and trinkets, and you are torn between shopping at the national stores or the various local venues. There are pros and cons to each. But, if you want to be loyal to your town or city, it’s best to shop locally  for all of your gift giving needs.

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It Will Feed the Local Economy

By buying locally, you are
keeping your community strong. Your dollar bills will stay in the neighborhood, and help the entire area thrive. Moreover, local stores tend to buy locally themselves. When they purchase items from other local vendors, it creates a circular effect that benefits the whole community.

Availability of Unique and Different Items

When you buy from a chain store, it’s likely that whatever you purchase is mass produced and you will see that item everywhere. For example, you may have just purchased a new dress for the company party at a well-known, nationally distributed department store in the mall. You arrive at your event destination, and, sure enough, there are two women who are wearing the
exact same outfit as you. Smaller boutiques and stores that carry specialty and hand-made items will provide you with apparel and other items that cannot be found anywhere else. These one-of-a-kind articles will define your personality, and you won't have to share the limelight with someone else.

Better Working Conditions

Local businesses tend to take better care of their employees. For example, if you work at a chain restaurant, chances are that when it comes to break time, you will have to pay for a portion of your meal because that is company policy. A locally-owned business would probably feed their workers free of charge. Weekly schedules, vacation requests, and time-off policies are often more flexible in smaller businesses.

Better Knowledge of Consumer Needs

A locally-owned business will have a better idea of what the customer is seeking to purchase. They will have a stronger sense of the styles that individuals in the community wear, the type of food that they eat, and the daily articles that are important to them. Because of this, unused inventory will not sit on the shelves, and the businesses will be able to rotate their goods more quickly and easily.

Take the time to stroll through your own area, and peruse the shops and boutiques that the dedicated entrepreneurs in your city own. You will be surprised and delighted at the selections, pricing, and service-oriented atmospheres that you will encounter. 

Wishing you all a very happy day and a wonderful 2016!


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