Tips & Ideas for creating the perfect wedding theme

by - Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If you want a spectacular wedding, choosing a great theme is definitely step one.  Get this right and execute it well and I guarantee your guests will go home with fantastic memories.

Choosing the theme

The best way to choose the look and feel for your wedding is to flick through wedding magazines or websites. Tear out the pages or bookmark those images that catch your eye. 

After a couple of hours, you should have plenty of ideas. Leave it for a day or two then sit down with your partner and go through them all pulling out the ones you like most. Soon, you will have narrowed the options down, and found one that you both like.

If you are still stuck, think back to the weddings you have attended. Usually, you will get the inspiration you need. Should you still be stuck go through your hobbies and interests, you will soon find something that inspires you. 

Now that you have your theme, you are ready to make your dream wedding come to life. Below are the aspects of your special day that you need to get right to achieve the look and feel you really want.

Your wedding outfits and makeup

Buying the right wedding dress or suit is essential. Pay particular attention to the accessories and make sure that the way your hair is styled reflects the theme. 

Your makeup is especially important. I suggest that you hire a good makeup artist and go over your ideas with him or her, well in advance of your wedding. This will give them time to research the look you are after and come up with ways to pull it off.

The venue

Next, on the list is the venue. If you want a fairy tale princess style wedding, a castle location is a great choice. For an Edwardian wedding, a large home from the period will provide the perfect backdrop.  

For versatility, you really cannot beat a farm wedding venue. Normally, they have a big barn available that can be dressed in any way you choose. 

Using screens, modern lighting, printed backdrops and drapes the space can be transformed. You really can create virtually any look or feel in a barn venue

If your wedding has a rustic theme, leaving the beams exposed is a perfect approach. For a 70’s or 80’s themed wedding the inside can be transformed using marquee style draping.

Make sure that the decor matches the theme including any flowers that are used. Little touches like using period accessories, decor, tablecloths and napkins really help to pull the whole thing together.

Food and entertainment

If appropriate, order food from the period you are using to theme your wedding. This gives you a chance to give your guests some unusual dishes and make your day even more memorable. Some of the best wedding cakes I have seen have been themed.

Making sure that your florist, photographer and caterer all understand the theme will also help. It is important to tell them about the look and feel you are trying to create, and do so at an early stage. That way they will have plenty of time to come up with ways to make your ideas come to life and create the wedding day of your dreams.

Are you in the midst of planning a wedding? Tell me more about your wedding planning process and theme!


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