Take Me Back, A Chronograph Watch By Louis Moinet

by - Friday, October 16, 2015

Mr. Louis Moinet was the first to create the chronograph timepiece in 1816 for astronomy equipment. His creation has since set the stage for all watchmakers thereafter. Inspired by Mr. Moinet, The Memoris was created as a innovative interpretation of the original in celebration of the Atelier's 10th anniversary! The chronograph part of the watch has been given the utmost attention when designed leaving it in full view on the dial. The chronograph is definitely the heart of this piece! Have a look at this magnificent piece of work --

What is a chronograph timepiece?

A chronograph watch features a regular display watch paired with a stop-watch feature. The main function of this type of watch is to be able to allow a comparison in time. Just as you would use a stop-watch feature, this piece will allow you to do that as well. Many people use a stop-watch on a daily basis in their career or while doing a favorite hobby. The chronograph part in the Memoris has over 300 components in it alone for movement!

The Memoris is among a special limited edition of only 60 pieces! It's encased in a beautiful 18K rose gold or white gold. The style is a classical masterpiece that will never fade out of trend. This timepiece features a new winding system called "Energie Plus." To see this in action, view the system in this video by clicking here. The winding system is an automatic pawl winding system allowing the piece to be wound in both directions with great precision. This system increases efficiency of the automatic wind by 30%. The rarity of this timepiece has earned itself a nomination for the renowned Grand Prix d'Horlogerie of Geneva, A well-known Swiss timepiece event.

The underside of the piece showing the Energie Plus system.

What makes this watch special?

For the first time in the history of watchmaking, The Memoris displays the whole of the chronograph function on the dial side. There are 147 chronograph components have been isolated from the rest of the movement, and mounted on top of the plate. This innovative design will hopefully be recognized in Geneva at The Grand Prix d'Horlogerie.

The intricate details in this piece amaze me!

Are you a watch lover? I know my grandfather would surely be impressed with this timepiece. He was a collector of pocket watches and used them on a daily basis. This is definitely an impressive and beautiful mechanical piece!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Rachel

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