Get the Danish 'Hygge' Look & Feel Using These Interior Design Basics

by - Monday, October 19, 2015


You might have heard of the Asian concept of Feng Shui. Now the Scandinavians are offering their own home interior design concept called “Hygge.” Learn how you can create the best Hygge-inspired interior design for your home.

Sunlight for the Soul

The human body achieves its highest levels of health and well-being in a well-balanced environment. This includes colors, temperatures and sunlight. Mother Nature has created a balanced eco-system providing the warmth and energy needed to survive and thrive.

During the summer months, people naturally have more energy because the sunlight is providing them vital nutrients such as Vitamin D and A.

In the winter months, some people go through ‘cabin fever’, they feel like they must stay inside because the weather is cold and gloomy and just generally terrible. These long winters can lead to depression or ‘seasonal affective disorder’, which is a specific link between people’s mental health and lack of sun in the winter months.

Home is Hospitality, Hearth, Hugs & Hygge

The Danish people go through a rough winter with very low temperatures and limited sunlight. Instead of cursing the darkness and cold, they battle back with a “thousand points of light.” Danish festivals use candles to recreate the natural rays of the sun. The Danish concept of “hygge” is also based on this notion. It is focused on creating "coziness" during the winter months.

There are various first time buyer tools and guides to create your own cozy home environment. Certain structures will be easier to customize to make them "hygge-friendly."

Of course, hygge might have been translated into the English word for "hug." A good hug is about sharing the energy of "togetherness."

photo: Martin Sølyst / via

Light up the World with Hygge Home Interior Design

The Danish interior home design concept of hygge will be based on bright colors, candles, skylights, fireplaces and warm blankets.

Instead of cramped conditions, the Danish Hygge Interior Design emphasizes the shared coziness of family. Decorate walls with materials that can reflect the warmth of the inhabitants.

A house is not a home until you add love, warmth and hugs. This personal touch creates the higher dimension that man requires for a happy life. Turn a negative into a positive by reflecting the balance of Mother Nature through the Danish Hygge Interior Design Philosophy.

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