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by - Monday, August 03, 2015

Our first visit to Bosa Donuts!

Nail polish matched the Boba Tea!

SO MANY choices. One of each?

Look Ma, I'm doing a yoga pose!

Vegan + Pad Thai = delicious!

A vegan restaurant that you'll want to come back to again and again!

A few weeks ago my little family and I traveled to Phoenix for the weekend to enjoy some time poolside. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary. We ventured to a few different places that kind of happened by chance. The two places that we unexpectedly ended up at were also two places that I would've definitely had on my list. We tried finding a Thai restaurant and upon arriving there was a note on the front door saying it was closed for the month of July.

The next closest place that peaked our interest was The Loving Hut.  Upon visiting their website I read "Vegan Restaurant" so I knew that we would be heading there. I ordered the pad thai, shown above, my husband the sweet and sour tofu and we would have loved to try so many more things. They also have a location in Glendale.

When we got stopped at the original thai restaurant and were greeted with the closed sign we noticed Bosa Donuts in the same center. We added that to our list for the following morning. Bosa Donuts offers well the obvious but also has a variety of boba teas! I ordered the taro tea with boba and it matched my nails perfectly but not on purpose. You can visit them at more than one location in the Phoenix metro area.

If you find yourself in Phoenix, check these places out!!

Best, Rachel

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