Let’s Party on a Budget

by - Thursday, April 16, 2015

Don’t go in debt to throw a party. If there is something really worth celebrating in your family or if you just like parties, create memories and remember that the event is about the people not the party. Restraint is difficult when everyone is clamoring for you to throw a big bash. Just stick to your budget and throw a great party that is creative, memorable, and awesome.
Probably the best way to get party foods, drinks and favors is via coupon codes and great deals found online. You can subscribe to a website like Discountrue, a promo code service, or use discount companies like Groupon.
Other ways to save on your weekend party include picking a theme for your party. This is a great idea to keep the costs low. You will stay focused on what the party is all about, and your planning efforts can be focused. Keep your ideas centered on a central theme and don’t deviate.
Make sure your guests are having fun. You just need to be a great host by personally welcoming each guest, introducing them and giving them the opportunity to mingle. Play ice-breaker games that cost nothing to get things off to a great start. Offering a little friendly competition will get things moving. Give out prizes. Prizes don’t have to be expensive or wonderful; just a little something that livens up the party.
Make sure you have enough food and drink. If you have awesome decorations, no one will notice them if your guests are hungry. If you are not having a party that includes a sit-down meal, have finger foods and munchies placed strategically around the room. Crockpot Meatballs, Buffalo wings, pizza fingers, hot crab dip and easy vegetarian quiche are just a few wonderful finger foods.
Ask for help from your guests. Have them bring a dish to share. You might request an appetizer, dessert or even a bottle wine. Most guests won’t mind a bit, in fact, they will appreciate being helpful and knowing what to bring.
Use email, social media or text messaging to send out invitations. Most of your guests will not read a paper invite anyway, so do yourself a favor and use a free online invitation service. Evite is great for email invitations, but you can also use GreenVelope and Punchbowl. It will take the hassle out of managing your guest list.
Be crafty and make your decorations. Put your thinking cap on and stretch your party budget dollars. Forget commercial decorations and just make your own. Adorable and crafty ideas can be found on Pinterest or by searching Google for party ideas.
Keep your food homemade, too. Homemade food and desserts are much better tasting than store bought appetizers. Use a unique beverage recipe and keep guests guessing what the ingredients are.
No party is an event without music. Have someone burn you a CD of your favorite songs or use your MP3 player or iPod. Make sure the music you play has enough variety for everyone.
If that little voice in the back of your head is starting to let you know that things are getting too expensive, listen carefully. Do what you know is right and make sure you stick to your budget. If you go too far overboard, YOU won’t enjoy the party. You will resent the money you spent. Your guests will know that something is wrong, and they will go home questioning the time they had at the party.
If you'd like to get more advice on how to save money, please visit Discountrue's blog and you'll won't be disappointed.
Happy Thursday! What tips do you have for creating the perfect party?

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