NEW Ikea Faves

by - Monday, February 09, 2015

IKEA has always been a favorite for inexpensive home goods with just enough style. They just released some new goods and I had to check them out! Here are my favorites below:

  1. Fabric -- $5.99 per yard
  2. Baking mold set of 2 -- $9.99
  3. Scissors -- $3.99
  4. Four drawer chest with compartments -- $249.00
  5. Pine Bookcase -- $159.00
  6. Soft toy goat -- $5.99
  7. Galvanized plant pot -- $24.99

I'm loving the Scandinavian feel to the furniture pieces! The unfinished pine is looking good! I'm a sucker for cute plush animals and the color pink in the kitchen so those two things are perfect. Also that fabric, plant pot and those scissors had to be on this list too.

Which things will you scoop up at your next IKEA outing?

happy monday!

xo, r

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