Life Lately: What goes around comes around

by - Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Imagine driving through the desert listening to Bob Marley and waiting to arrive at this beautiful location called Monument Valley. An iconic American photo opportunity truly! Imagine taking "through the car window photos" leading up to Monument Valley and then once you finally arrive your Nikon camera with large lens decides to produce a message to you that reads "err".
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This scenario was what started our weekend mini road trip up to Moab, Utah last weekend to see our beloved friends from Minnesota. Since I had my iPhone I knew that I'd still be able to document our weekend fun with that. Little did I know that I'd end up losing my phone the first day, and after the first hike when we arrived in Moab. I had to rely on my husband's iPhone that is practically maxed out from having a million videos of our son saved on his phone and won't take a photo. Real problems here!

After enjoying a lovely weekend, we headed home on Monday morning. We got home late Monday night and a call came in from a sweet girl named Brianna that lives in Midvale, Utah. She was calling to see if someone lost a phone! She told me she found the phone in Moon flower Canyon Sunday night and would mail it off to me. I was thrilled. See where the song 'What Goes Around Comes Around' by Bob Marley comes into play?

Life is good.

Happy Wednesday!

xo, r

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