Wardrobes + More for a boho-minimalist bedroom

by - Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When I think of the words bohemian, eclectic or funky I automatically think of brightly colored, miss-matched layers upon layers kind of room. I thought it would be interesting to deconstruct those terms into a minimalist approach. Sounds interesting don’t it? I thought so too! I found some amazing inspiration for achieving a boho-minimalist space! I'll share some key pieces and ideas so you can re-create your very own version in your space!

This photo started it all for me-

San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos, Greece.
 This image above got me thinking about how I could approach this new found style idea. I came up with my own version but used this as my tipping point into this beautiful idea.

Here are some ideas for items to have in your space:

  1. Carved headboard or a canopy above
  2. Natural elements; woods, rugs, accessories, plants, furniture
  3. Wooden Shelving
  4. Chandelier
  5. Task Lighting
  6. Natural Wardrobe
  7. Large Area Rug (Marrakesh, ikat or Indian inspired)
  8. Macramé, Tapestry or Rug wall hanging
  9. Plants!
I've created an inspiration board for the ideas listed above complete with source information should you want to look further into sourcing products for your space.
1. Carved Wooden Headboard A carved headboard is a work of art! It makes a statement without trying. Add a unique piece of character to help ground your bed and add something unexpected. This type of statement piece creates a nice focal point that doesn't discourage the flow of the room.
2. Macramé Wall Hanging This knotting technique creates beautiful works of art. Popular in the 1970's, macramé was used for clothing, bedspreads, wall hangings, plant hangers and much more. If you're lucky, sometimes you can find pieces at thrift stores if you dig deep! This piece is the perfect addition to any boho room!
3. Cirque Large Chandelier A boho space wouldn't be complete without a chandelier. This type of pendant is minimal but has a gypsy soul! Again a more subtle piece that will add drama along with emphasis without overtaking the room.
4. Lucky Bamboo Plant This plant is not only feng shui, Chinese legend says bamboo can bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness. What gypsy doesn't love that? Adding green into any space freshens up the air and adds color.
5. LAX Bookcase This natural finish bookcase really caught my eye. I love the clean look and the beautiful yet simple design. This piece could multi task as a display for your accessories or use it as the intended purpose.
6. Geometric Pine Shelf Geometric shapes add flair to whatever they are involved with. I loved this one found on etsy. If you purchase you actually purchase this as a set. The natural finish paired with the triangle shape is a perfect match. Create a gallery space to showcase something special or a collection.
7. Workshop cage lights by Jayson Home Bird cage style lighting is such a delight. Not only are they functional, they are the perfect addition to your bedside. This clean design pairs well with the other elements in this room.
8. Wardrobes by Cookes This natural finish wardrobe pairs nicely with the bookcase. Every bohemian needs storage for their goods and this one fit the bill completely. Use it for your clothes or pack it full with pillows and blankets. This wardrobe is a classic style that will always look good.
9. Arboricola Plant This plant is an easy one to care for even if you're not a green thumb. Some other plants that would be fun in a space would be palms, peace lily, bonsai tree or a fruit tree.
10. Wool Denim Blue Rug What boho doesn't love tie dye? This rug works as a great neutral but also functions as a defining staple. Floors are most enjoyed when they are covered in a rug. What a perfect match!

My hope is to inspire you to create a space you love! Maybe you'll create your very own boho-minimalist space?


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