Wedding ideas: Gatsby Style

by - Saturday, November 22, 2014

Glitz, glamour and staggering excess; that’s the image that naturally pops into anyone’s head when thinking about the world of Gatsby, the roaring twenties being so recognizable that few could dispute such words being key to representations of the jazz age.

Despite F. Scott Fitzgerald’s magnum opus being around since 1925, the release of 2013’s hit adaptation, starring none other than heartthrob Leonardo Di Caprio, has truly propelled the title into the mainstream consciousness, and as with any piece of pop culture that oozes such style and poise, many wish to see aspects of the tale in their own glittering celebrations, weddings definitely being one of them!
Opulence is the word of the day when one goes about crafting a bespoke, old Hollywood style wedding, especially regarding the location. Think about hiring out a country house or manor, especially if it has a driveway leading up to the main entrance; arriving at the ceremony in a classic 1930s automobile up a gravel driveway simply radiates class!

The styling and design of the era should feature heavily in many aspects of the wedding. Invitations and dining room place cards could have gold and black or similarly contrasting white and black design, utilizing art deco fonts- any that look like they could have been used for a movie or theatre sign in the early 19th century- will work a charm. The all-important wedding cake should also be similarly styled using patterns and designs that are nowadays seen in art deco monuments such as the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station or the Empire State.
For reception entertainment there’s plenty of things you can do to make you wedding fit for a character as lush as Daisy Buchanan. Instead of a DJ, think about hiring a swing band; let’s be honest, who really likes those old pop wedding hits anyway- you’ll be surprised how much guests will enjoy a change of tune! Gambling was also pretty endemic of the era, and a roulette or blackjack table will really ratchet up the hedonistic feeling- just make sure to tell your guests to spend a few minutes getting to grips with the rules online at a site such as; you don’t want your guests to lose all their money before they’ve bought you a drink first!
Wedding fashion is an aspect where you’ll really get to show off the sartorial aspects of the twenties. For the bridal and bridesmaids gowns think flapper girls, sequins, pearls and lace, finished off with jewelled headbands and dainty gold-laced head scarves. There are plenty of dressmakers out there who will be happy, if not relishing the chance to produce some bespoke replicas of the era, thus stopping the inevitable headache that comes with trying to find an authentic vintage number that actually fits!

Hopefully at least some of these ideas will help you craft your perfect glamorous wedding, though some advice should also be shared for the big day itself- go easy on the champagne!

Here is a playlist that would go perfectly with this theme! 
The Great Gatsby Playlist by Rachel on Grooveshark

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