Video Beauty Product Review

by - Wednesday, November 26, 2014

OM GEE! I've created my first video post, whaaat? Please excuse the quality and the at sometimes wonky feel of it. Take note that I'm learning! .... so thank you for being a tester. On that note, I'm sharing with you a few lovely products from Paula Dorf. See my thoughts below.

As you can see from the video, these are winners! I loved the high quality, ease of application and long lasting wear of both of these goodies.
Here is a close up view of both items:
Aztec City Eyeshadow Pallette with 5 shades is available through the Paula Dorf website for $36.00.
The lash color is in teal and available through the website as well for $22.00.

Currently, you can get this FREE with a purchase by entering code 'TEAL' at checkout!

Thanks to Paula Dorf for the opportunity to try these products out but most importantly for the introduction to your line. The Paula Dorf tag line is perfect too;  "Become your own makeup artist®."

Happy Wednesday,

*I received the product free of charge from Paula Dorf for testing, all opinions are my own.*

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