Thoughts on being YOU #imENOUGH

by - Friday, August 01, 2014

Thanks to the Mrs. Band for sponsoring today's discussion and inspiring women!

It's often been said that you are your own worst critic. After the years go by and goodbye, for me, I notice at times where I have been ultra harsh on myself and the feelings of not being good enough have crept in. I have always put one foot in front of the other no matter what because the alternative is not so great. Even with moving ahead, self doubt still lingers and the thoughts creep back in. As I have gotten older, made boundaries in my life and learned to say NO -- I'm also ready to say that I AM ENOUGH! I don't need to have those self doubting thoughts anymore. I'm over it and moving on.

When the opportunity arose to team up with the Mrs. and their #imENOUGH campaign, I just couldn't say no. I want my voice to be heard, your voice to be heard and I want to be inspired and you too by all the fabulous women who have joined in on this! Not sure what this buzz is all about? Well, I'll tell ya.. The Mrs. band starting out by writing a song called, "I'm Enough" and what this empowering song has turned into is well... beautiful. Click below to see the video and what I'm talking about! Join in on this movement with me. I'd love you to share your #imENOUGH selfie across your social media channels and or comment below with a link. We're all in this together, spread love, spread beauty and share the campaign. Empowering women together is a force.

#imENOUGH video <------ click here to see the video

happy friday!

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Thanks again to the Mrs. for sponsoring this delightful post!

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