Meet: One of America's Farmers-The Pistorius Family

by - Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm always astonished when I hear a story about how a farm came to be. I grew up in a family of farmers, it wasn't their primary job however they dabbled in it a bit, farming was a part of each day. My uncle Carl is the only family member still doing a bit of farming in northern Minnesota and my two cousins occasionally help him out with the duties. My husband and I have some friends who have almost 30 acres of land that is home to some amazing organic crop. They have an apple orchard, a vineyard, many herbs and plenty of vegetables! While they don't strictly farm, they have full-time jobs too, they are constantly devoting time to their land. It's inevitable if you want to harvest any of it. Our friends believe in land stewardship and choose not to use chemicals for a reason.

After reading the stories about America's Farmers, The Pistorius Family caught my eye. Yesterday I shared a recipe featuring a delicious snack made with organic corn kernels! Meet the Pistorius family:
Hailing from Blue Mound, Illinois, The Pistorius family grows corn, soybeans and organic popcorn. One thing that caught my attention was their family motto.

"We treat every field as if it were the only field we farm, doing our best to maximize profitability while maintaining excellent stewardship of the land." -- Pete Pistorius

 The family has farmed for 5 generations on the same soil. The family farm is dated back to 1884. Recently, the family has added an auto-steer tractor into the mix which has helped them save time and provide more accuracy when in use.
“Technology is such a big part of farming, and I think that we are constantly learning and growing – it’s not unlike other professions. Farmers are always trying to learn about new techniques and update their equipment.”
– Megan Pistorius

Currently, Pete and his father Tim oversee the day to day operations along with a brother in law. Pete's wife, Megan, takes care of the household while Pete is out working the field. Pete and Megan have three girls and a young son that he hopes will have interest in farming when he's older. I love to see farming families carry on the tradition through generations!

Click through to learn more about The Pistorius family and others! >> America's Farmers <<

Thanks to all our American Farmers for providing us with delicious organic options as well as passing on good morals and values through your generations!

peace, love & coffee,

This post was created in partnership with America's Farmers. All opinions are my own.

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