Decorate: Add pizzazz without paint!

by - Monday, May 26, 2014

Sometimes painting is not always possible, typically when you're renting a home, so I wanted to share a fun way that's easy and affordable to add some zest onto your walls. I've partnered with >><< to bring you this most recent update to our home.
I've been noticing some fun triangle patterns popping up on pinterest and I wanted to bring them onto our walls because frankly, they needed some fun! I tried out a wall pattern of 2" triangles<<
and mixed a few pops of color into my random pattern. I chose black, teal and soft pink because it ties well into our home decor.
In our master bedroom, things were looking a little bleak as it's been one of the only rooms in our home that we haven't paid much attention to since moving in last fall. I decided to use 2" black triangles<< to make a consistent pattern on one wall. It took a little planning and measuring but the outcome was definitely to my liking.
Have you tried out wall stickers before or have you wanted to? What do you think of my result?

Happy Monday!

peace, love & coffee,

*Thanks to the team at Cozy Wall Art for providing the wall stickers in exchange for my review*

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