Things to thrift!

by - Monday, April 21, 2014

As a lover of thrifting, I wanted to share with you what I've been on the lookout for as of late. I've had the best luck finding the wire baskets and vintage greeting cards lately but I'm not giving up on the rest.

My running list of things to thrift-

Wire baskets: These are great for storing magazines, newspaper and your daily mail to sort through.
Wall hangings: I search for tapestry, macrame, and just about anything I can find. These are harder to come across so if you find one you better buy it!
Greeting cards: Vintage greeting cards are fun! Send Grandma cards that she used to send you! Oldies are goodies!
Totes: ...because you can never have too many!
Fabric: Reuse, re-purpose, bust out your sewing machine! I like to use fabric in gift bags or why not use it as a throw?

Have you found any goodies thrifting lately? I love to hear what goods people come across!

peace, love & thrifting,

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  1. I always look for things with natural fibres, my best finds have been brand new cashmere jumpers


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