How Hiring an Interior Designer Increases Value All Around

by - Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Yes, you did read that title correctly. There are very many misconceptions when it comes to the role of an interior designer, the most prevalent being that only rich people with oodles of cash can afford to hire one. The reality is that interior designers are affordable and can save you money as well as precious time.

Learn Something, and Become a Wise Investor

Furniture is an investment and great furniture never goes out of style. An interior designer knows the best pieces to purchase and the best places to place them; think of them as furniture consultants. They ensure you don’t waste your money on junk and can work with any budget and style.
Don’t be surprised if what they recommend costs more than the usual flat pack furniture. They are more inclined to spend more once as opposed to spending less more often. If are committed to the redesign and want some additional budget, consider a small personal loan to tide you over. Clydesdale Bank has good offers available as of late.

Impress Potential Buyers

A pretty picture is worth a thousand words and eye candy means more cash in your pocket. Increasing your home value is simple if it’s pleasing to look at. This will also increase the number of people interested in it. 

Save Money and Get a Professional Assessment

This sounds strange since you are paying someone to decorate your home as opposed to doing it yourself. A designer will not only be in a position to assess the current state of your home, but also help you set a budget, use it properly and determine what you currently have that can be re purposed or edited.

Prepare a Professional Design Plan

Designers don’t impose styles on you; they will determine your style, budget and needs. They will also determine the “feel” you want in your home and then design a plan that works for you. Having a plan eliminates unpleasant surprises, sets realistic expectations and enables your project to proceed without detours. 

Use of Trade Connections 

Designers spend their time making the necessary connections to enable their business to succeed. Skilled tradesmen, repeat customer discounts and unique items that may not be available in retail stores are some of the perks you should expect when dealing with an interior designer.

Designers are trained to create spaces that you may not be able to do on your own. They provide a different point of view and that “wow” factor that is necessary for you to attract buyers especially when your home is on the market.  When your surroundings are appealing and mirror your personality, you will be happier. In the end, not hiring an interior designer could be taxing on your time and energy.

Have you ever hired an interior designer for your home? If not, have you considered it?

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