Decorate: IKEA loves

by - Monday, April 14, 2014

IKEA has been long known to have stylish pieces at great prices. Have you looked lately at their offerings? I hadn't browsed much in the past 6 months until recently and boy are they really putting out some goodies! Here are a few of my faves!

A.) Stockholm Glass Door Cabinet -- $399.00
B.) Stockholm 2 Drawer Cabinet -- $329.00
C.) Lack side table in white -- $7.99
D.) Stockholm Rug -- $199.00
E.) Cashewnöt Plant Pot -- $16.99
F.) FABRIKÖR glass door cabinet -- $179.00
G.) Lack side table in birch -- $7.99
H.) TARVA 6-drawer chest -- $149.00

Happy monday to you!

peace, love & sunshine,

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  1. I cannot handle IKEA, I always want to buy everything.

  2. Love me some Ikea! My daughters dresser came from there, and its still in amazing condition 7 years later! I love so much there, I have a hard time deciding WHAT to spend my money on!


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