Artist Interview: Maryanne Moodie

by - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Whenever I come across an artist whose work makes my heart pitter-patter I always love to learn a little bit about them. I had been noticing some beautiful weaving on Pinterest and the name Maryanne Moodie kept appearing. Lucky me, I was able to reach out to Maryanne and ask her a few questions.
I'd love to know a little bit about your background..
I was an art teacher for quite along time and I have always had a keen interest in colourful and unusual fashion. I feel like weaving is a fusion of my interestes in art and vintage aesthetic.

On a Saturday, where would we find you?
We have just moved to NYC and we got hit hard by the crazy winter.  And so those two factors have cumulated in quite a lot of Saturdays spent nesting.  Putting up shelves, weaving cushion covers, Propagating succulents and cooking something long and slow in the oven.  A brisk walk around Prospect park in the early afternoon is always a hit too.
Are there any people in the art world both past and present that you admire?
I love looking at art books and going to galleries. Textile artists who use color like Nick Cave and Ted Sabarse. I love the crazy traditional and native fancy dress costumes caught on film by Phyllis Galembo. And of course weavers like Sheila Hicks and Annie Albers and Gunta Stolzl.

Finish the sentence -- Maryanne is.....

unappoligetically positive.

What beautiful and breathtaking designs she creates!  A BIG thank you to Maryanne for taking some time out of her day to share a bit with us. You can find her on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and her website!

peace, love & coffee,

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  1. What a gorgeous girl... and I love her creations x


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