Spring flowers = happiness.

by - Monday, March 31, 2014

Flowers always make me happy. You too? Especially bright and multicolor roses that have a lovely fragrance..!! Bright flowers and just flowers in general add a spark of life and zest to any space as well as the person on the receiving end of them. Since first being introduced to >>The Bouqs<<, a company who sends vibrant and strikingly beautiful flowers from their flower orchards in California and South America, I've been so smitten and in love with their bouquets and selection. I just received another 'Bouq' straight from the volcano, called confetti, and couldn't have been more pleased.

Pure zest perched on my kitchen table! A few good books and an iced coffee is also pure bliss for me.

Each time I walk into our dining room I smile because flowers do that. I'm easy to please I guess. >>The Bouqs<< offers these bad boys for just $40 including shipping to land into your home too. I suggest checking them out, they'll brighten your day!

happy week to you!

much love, rachel

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