product review: hask hair products

by - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whenever a new product for hair comes out claiming to restore and strengthen your hair, I perk up a bit with curiosity. Hask Beauty sent me some of their latest line of hair care products and I was delighted to try them out. They have a new line with argan oil and another line with keratin protein and I was able to try them both out.

Out of the two, the argan oil line was the product that was just what my hair needed to be matched with. I noticed my hair was much softer and more manageable after using the shampoo & conditioner along with the oil just one time! Also, it was a sensory experience! The fragrance in these is heavenly, really. The keratin protein didn't disappoint either however I felt more of a difference with the argan oil.

Hask Beauty has many lovely products! Their reputation for hair changing oils, products, etc. is superb. Feel free to visit >>their website<< for more information.

Thank you Hask for sponsoring this post!

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