Getting Started with Your Personal Interior Design Project

by - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rather than heading out to the home stores and spontaneously picking nice bits and bobs for your interior, carefully planning your decorating project is the best approach for a design that’s warm, welcoming and going to ‘wow’. Whether you’re looking for new windows in Worthing or searching for home accessories in Alabama, the web is an excellent place to get inspired and influence your home décor choices. Start with these decorating tips and then head on to sites like Pinterest to get creating your decorating mood boards:

Decide on your color style

The use of color is a very personal choice. The colors you pick and the way you use color combinations has a powerful way of representing your personality and how you view each home. Color can be used to create a different mood in each room or used in a similar way throughout your space to give an overall ‘vibe’.
Think about what you want to achieve from your color schemes? Bright shades will uplift and energize a home, whilst neutral shades can create a calming haven. You may want to work with the season’s color trends? Black and white monochrome is big for Spring-Summer 2014.

Go for a theme

If you want a little help directing your design project, use themes. Making themed rooms will give you a helping hand when picking colors, fabrics, furniture and accessories. Themes are particularly fun for bedrooms and bathrooms. For example, you could go for a seaside themed bathroom or a jungle themed children’s room.

Make it personal

They say ‘home is where the heart is’, so make sure you reflect the things you love in your interior design. Make it personal! This is much more than having plenty of personal pictures around, this is about having unique props and accessories that reflect your hobbies and interests. Get sentimental, frame some of your most treasured material possessions to admire as a work of art.
When you do use photos, make a real statement with them. How about a wall of framed photos rather than decorative wallpaper?

Maximize the use of space

If your living space is limited, make sure you make the most of your space. Clever design can dramatically increase the amount of space you have to use. Think vertical, horizontally and diagonally when it comes to positioning furniture and hanging decorative accents. Look into multipurpose furniture that can help ensure maximum flexibility in terms of work surfaces and seating options.

Make lighting art

The way you use lighting can be so much more than simply ensuring the right amount of light to see! Lighting is another way to set the right mood in your home. Think about layering light levels through dimmer switches and a combination of down and up lighting, lamps and sidelights. Fairy lights are not just for children either. They can add a magical touch to any space.
To maximize natural lighting, play with the use of mirrors. Try several mirrors along your hallway to help light bounce along the walls.

What type of project do you have on your list that you plan on tackling on your own?

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