Under Your Rugs!

by - Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Those rugs you have lying around your home is what I'm talking about today. For the longest time I dealt with rugs that were just kind of there and they skid all over the place and annoyed the heck out of me. I would have to constantly move them back to their "place" and yell at them a bit. Do you have those too? Not to mention they are paper thin and uncomfortable to stand or sit on for any period of time. Until now.

RugPadUsa reached out and asked me to 'try out' some of their rug pads and I graciously obliged. I chose two rugs that desperately needed something to help them out a bit. Not lacking in looks but purpose. I have one rug on the carpet and one situated on our tiled floor. While each surface is totally different, RugPadUsa was able to accommodate my flooring situation. Although we don't have hardwood flooring like many of my friends, they have many solutions for hardwood as well!

We tried the premium lock rug pad, a multi-use pad made with felt and natural rubber, for our rug that resides in our living room on carpet. It has made such an improvement for movie nights and story time with my little boy. It adds that extra level of comfort and also holds the rug in place. No complaints here! For our rug that resides on tile flooring we tried out the eco-solid rug pad. This rug pad is made with organic polymer and soybean oil. It sticks to our tiled floor and the rug (without adhesive) and stays put really well. Not to mention the extra bit of cushion helps when standing in that one spot in the kitchen for long periods of time.

If you're still in the stone age and haven't blessed your rugs with a rug pad, I suggest you check out the guys at RugPadUsa! The prices are good and they offer free shipping to boot!

happy wednesday!
peace, rachel

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