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by - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm a fan of eyeglasses over contacts, that's a pretty well known fact. I think eyeglasses add personality and charm to any face. My favorite styles are cat-eye and wayfarer. I had the opportunity to try out a pair from Firmoo recently and I couldn't have been more pleased.
I chose this particular pair for the shape and the little flecks of orange and blue. I think they suit me well and the fit was perfect! Firmoo has a lovely program, called FIRST PAIR FREE, that I'd like to invite you to try out! It means just what it states! They also have a great virtual try on program that assists you in trying on the eyeglasses before you commit. They want to ensure you are satisfied and getting just what you want!

Get your own pair and share with me the link! I'd love to see!

peace, love & coffee,

*this is a sponsored post with my unbiased review of their product*

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  1. I love glasses too, but I never wear mine! It makes me feel so silly, but I don't technically need them all the time. I just find them way cuter.

  2. These look so great on you! I think the shape is really flattering on you! I love wearing glasses too!
    Sincerely, Sara


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