The Evolution of the Modern Car

by - Sunday, November 03, 2013

Last week my friend Kristin who is visiting from Minnesota came to spend the day with me. She borrowed her Dad's car and we had fun shopping and exploring new territory! We got to drive a cute little convertible sports car -- it was great!
When Kia asked me to partner with them, I always oblige as I'm a huge car lover. As I was sitting in the little sports car looking at all the modern conveniences it's funny to imagine life without them. Kia has put together the perfect video, The Evolution of the Modern Car. Have a look!

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Can you imagine life without a rear view mirror, gas gauge, turn signal or air conditioner? The automobile has come a long way! What is your favorite feature in your car? Did anything in this video surprise you? I'd love to hear!

Happy day!

peace, love & coffee,

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kia, all opinions expressed are my own.*

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