Kid's Giftguide: Something for Everyone

by - Thursday, November 14, 2013

With gift giving season just around the corner I've partnered with Target to share some of my gift ideas for every child on your list! Keep up with more inspiring ideas for Thanksgiving and Gift ideas with hashtag #MyKindOfHoliday

Target has made it easy for parents and gift-givers a like to keep up with what kid's love! They have created the Kid's Catalog, which is full of lovely ideas for all ages, for you to browse toys all in one spot! Above you will see my curated list for great finds from Target's toy collection!

To find out more about each item on my list, click on each individual link below!

  1. Razor Scooters are perfect for older kids and pre-teens -- Available from $29.99-$34.99 -- Shop the collection!
  2. An Original Spirograph kit with markers for your creative child -- $14.99 -- let them make a masterpiece!
  3. For the Hot Wheels lover in your life (my 4 year old son chose this!) buy this Monster Jam mini monster showdown stadium -- $22.99 -- ignite their dream for driving!
  4. You may know that one child that likes to create videos of their friends skateboarding or the latest trip to the mountain hiking? For the bigger kids who are into technology and video, get them the GoPro HERO3 -- $199.99 -- let them explore their talent!
  5. For the little lady in your life who is into baking, you've got to purchase the classic Easy Bake Oven -- $44.99 -- and you'll be getting sweet little treats to boot!
  6. We can't forget about the darling little babies and toddlers! If the little one in your life is anything like my son was, then they'll love to hear themselves make a ruckus. This B. Parum Pum Pum Drum is the perfect fit -- $19.99 -- and you'll see the delight in their face as they're making a beat!
I'd love to hear what you plan on buying the children in your life for the upcoming season! What age is the hardest for you to shop for?

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

peace, love & gifts,

p.s. this is a sponsored post is brought to you on behalf of Target. All opinions expressed are my own.

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