Black Friday Shopping -- do you dare?

by - Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I have 2 siblings -- I'm the oldest, and then there is less than 2 years between my brother and I and my youngest sister and I are almost 9 years apart. When we were younger my Mother would send my brother and I to Target with her black Friday shopping list. The year the razor scooter became a huge hit, we were there at 7:00AM to get one for our younger sister. That year they were also $19 and watched people grab at the box and try to tear it open as an employee was restocking! That was the first and last time I decided to venture out in person on black Friday. It was just too much for me.

Of course there are so many deals to be had in store, but I prefer to shop online! Many of the store deals are also online -- some are not, however I can justify paying the online price rather than traveling into the store and getting my stress on. I've been browsing some deals for my little one and some gifts for family who will be visiting us over the holidays and my oh my does Target have some steals! I've gathered a little list of things that if you decide to venture out on black Friday, you'll want to take a gander at these.
Steals, am I right? For these deals plus more, check out the awesome Black Friday deals only @Target! Target has made it easy to find what you need so you're not lost on the big day by allowing you to look up the layout of your local Target store. Check out your local Target floor map!

What deals are you hoping to score? Do you shop online or do you visit the store? Target will be sharing other lovely posts with hastags #MyKindOfHoliday & #MKOH, follow along!

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**this is a sponsored post on behalf of Target and #MKOH, all opinions expressed are my own.**

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