Words: Thoughts & Positivity

by - Friday, September 27, 2013

If you've never heard of the movie 'The Secret' today might just be the perfect day for you to hear about it. I watched it on Netflix a month or two ago and wasn't immediately drawn into it but I gave it a chance and continued watching. I loved the overall message of it and for me -- it brought up a ton of questions to myself. First and foremost, does this law of attraction really work? I think it makes a whole lot of sense as to why it should and would work. I'm not going to give it away to those of you who haven't seen it but the above quote has a lot to do with it.

If we are positive people in and out then why wouldn't we attract that into our life. What do you think? My husband recently sent me this article on 10 Ways to Attract Positive Energy and I think they have some good points.

Happy Friday! If you have any fun things to share that would apply here, comment below.

peace, rachel

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