Why Heels are Enduringly Popular.

by - Friday, September 27, 2013

Heels are an evocative and emotive piece of footwear. They lift the legs, make the wearer appear at once more vulnerable and more powerful, and evoke all sorts of associations of power, possession and control. Heels flatter all figures and can be a source of great delight when teamed with the right dress, skirt or pair of trousers.

In our modern society there seem to be two schools of thought as to the wearing of high heels. Some people keep their heels locked away in the wardrobe, unleashing them on the world only after dark, as if they are some potent key to unlock an alter-ego. Other people are more forthcoming with their heels, wearing them to work, to play and even just around the house.
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However they are worn, high heel shoes cannot fail to flatter. Whether it’s a pair of cork heeled wedges in the summer, a sexy pair of peep toe shoe boots in the autumn, or the classic over the knee boots that are always a favourite in the winter and spring, the person who wears the high heels looks elegant and refined. Perhaps this is why so many men prefer women to wear heels whenever possible.

Catherine de Medici was a woman of wealth, power and fame. After her adulterous husband Henry II of France died in 1559, Catherine soon assumed much power as Queen Consort, governing France whilst her sons reigned. It is to Catherine that many people attribute the birth of the modern love of heeled shoes, having donned a pair to impress her future husband on entering his kingdom as a bride of 15. She had certainly made the connection between status and heel height. It was, after all, only the upper classes who could afford the extra material required to make the heel.
Nowadays, thankfully, the world is not quite as hierarchical about such matters. A range of heels are available at very affordable prices. Take this autumn’s collection, for instance. Even the most outlandish of shoes, such as a pair of buckle platform court shoes, are to be found at a reasonable cost.

Likewise, there are heels to suit every shape and size. Shorter women may find that the platform and court heels elongate and flatter their legs and figures. Taller women will be able to experiment with the unusual cuff and strap embellishments which are so popular this season. Those who like to dress down wherever possible will find a range of shoe boots catered to work the low-key look. On the other hand, anyone who prefers to vamp it up wherever possible will find a multitude of heels to suit, for example pointed toe shoes or shoes with a peep toe.
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Whatever your stature, donning a pair of high heels will make your legs appear longer, your walk appear more feminine, and your overall appearance more sharp and well put together. As they are available at such reasonable prices, it makes sense to invest in a few decent pairs for the coming autumn.

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