Words to hear.

by - Friday, August 16, 2013

I recently came across this quote and I think the timing was perfect for me. Doesn't it just make so much sense? Our thoughts can consume us at times whether good or bad and if we're putting our energy into these thoughts isn't that a big enough realization that this quote above is definitely true?

How is that for a thought? I love simple yet powerful words. I recently came across this post written by Jenn over at Roots of She and wanted to share it. Jenn talks about her idea of "moving toward the sweet" and I couldn't agree more that sometimes we hear exactly what we need at the right time.

Happy friday to you, happy friday to me!


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  1. This really does make sense! A very good reminder about how powerful our thoughts are. Thanks for sharing! xx

    Allie // CallMeSassafras.com

  2. Hi Rachel! Ahh, so happy I found your blog. Now following you! Love the quote- think openly :)


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