Take 5: Gifts for the Men

by - Tuesday, June 11, 2013

With that special day for the Dads coming up this next weekend, I thought it was fitting to share some gift ideas. Personally, I think men are the hardest to shop for.

1. Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 & Cowboy Grass by D.S. & Durga are hot for summer.
2. A Kindle will make his day. The new mans best friend?
3. Chocolate chip cookies that are out of this world. Check them out here + more. (I love the coconut macaroons)
4. My husband swears by this stuff. Buy it, and your husband's car will be shiny!
5. A stylish pair of aviators will do the trick -- protect the eyes of your man!

happy tuesday to you.

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  1. Thanks for these recommendations! My dad is notoriously hard to shop for...he doesn't read or really have many hobbies!I usually just end up getting him food haha! This year for father's day, I got him a bowtie though! Those are really big where I live. xx

    Allie @ callmesassafras.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by Allie! Men in general get me everytime in the gift dept. Hopefully he loves his bowtie, super great idea! :)

  2. The Kindle is such a good gift if he doesn't already have one!

  3. Some really good ideas, thanks for sharing!!


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