Etsy Artist: Good Gravy Greta

by - Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm happy to share with you one cool cat today. Meet Greta Vick! She's the mastermind behind some lovely pieces of art. Greta and I know each other in real life as we both studied interior design together back in the college days (2006). Her work is beautiful and so inspiring! You can view and purchase her work at her Etsy store -- Good Gravy Greta. I thought I'd share a little interview with you today to learn more about the lady behind this amazingness.
Who is the lady behind the canvas?
simple, unorthodox, easily amused, introverted yet semi-social, and quite awkward.  Haha! Just a quick summary.  I’ve always been a creator for as long as I can remember. I’m the type of person that needs/wants/loves to be doing something all the time. Ever since I was little I’ve been drawing, designing, making, and painting.  Oh yeah, I’m a crazy cat lady also…
Where do you find yourself pulling inspiration from?
I really never have any inspiration. It’s only my need to create that drives any project.  I have found if I picture a certain color scheme/idea and try to execute it, I fail miserably. What works for me is a  “Just do” process. "Not Trying" always renders the best results.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
HA! Excellent question. I would like to think that I will be balancing both of my passions of architecture/interior design/landscape architecture with my passion for art. I’m currently still in the process of really deciphering where/what my exact role should be.  All I know is that I’m meant to design and create. And be a happy cat mother, of course.
 ..because I have to ask, coffee or tea?
I’m a tea lady!

What is your dream job?
If I was able to design houses/interiors/sites for half of my time and then create art for the rest of my time, I would be the happiest girl on earth.  Otherwise I don’t have an exact role of what I want. As long as I can design/create, I’ll be content.  

Thank you so much for sharing your work Greta! I love your use of materials! Friends, most of her work is created with latex paint and some of the other beauties are made with wax. Amazing, no?

Which piece of hers is your fave?

have a lovely weekend!


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  1. Her art is lovely - and I love the name of her shop.

    I'm a tea lady too.


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