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by - Friday, June 14, 2013

I have the pleasure of sharing with you a lovely blogger today! I've been following her blog for a bit now and just love the beauty that she shares. Kyla Covert of Kyla is Inspired is here today for a behind the blog interview. Get to know more about her below.

Who is the lady behind the blog?
Hi! I'm Kyla. I'm 24 and from Providence, RI. I have a daytime job doing design for a University, and blog on the side. I also do freelance design & illustration at

What blogs inspire you on a regular basis?
Oh boy! Where do I even start? The blogs I check daily are Designlovefest, Breanna Rose, Emma Dime & M Stetson. When I'm looking for purely design or illustration inspiration, my favorites are Abduzeedo and Booooooom.

One thing about you that we wouldn't know?
Most people don't know I'm a huge sci-fi nerd...All of my favorite books & movies are sci-fi related. I used to get made fun of when I was younger for it, but there's nothing better than getting lost in space in a good book.
What meal could you eat everyday?
I could eat Mexican food all day, everyday. Especially burritos - so good. Growing up my mom would make Mexican at least twice a week, so I developed a taste for it early on. I also have a terrible sweet tooth, so I could eat cupcakes all day too :) My favorite flavor is honey lavender from a local place called The Duck & Bunny.

If you could pick the Pantone color of the year, what would it be?
I'd choose 675 C :) (hex code AE2573)

What is your favorite thing to watch on the television?
I am completely obsessed with Game of Thrones. Not only is the show amazing, but the books are, too. And Parks & Rec is always a classic.

You're at the mall, what is the first thing you do?
Grab a coffee! Shopping is always better with a coffee or chai latte.

If you could travel to any place in the US tomorrow, where would it be?
I have been dying to go back to LA. I was actually born in Santa Monica and have gone back quite a few times over the years, but I really would love to visit again. I'm in the process of planning a vacation for later this year, and LA/Palm Springs is one of my options.

3 songs you're loving at the moment?
1. Foxes - Youth
2. Icona Pop - Ready For The Weekend
3.Yelle - A Cause Des Garcons
Thank you so much for sharing YOU! I'd take a trip any day to Palm Springs, I love that place! Also, your music choices are fun!

happy weekend!

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  1. Ah Kyla! What a great lady :) Thanks for sharing, now I know we also share a love for Mexican food!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me, it was so much fun! :)

  3. Kyla has great style - thanks for the introduction. I love the pantone question! And I'd find it pretty hard to get bored of Mexican food too!


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