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by - Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing another lovely behind the blog interview with Emily of Emma Deer! I love getting to know other lovely bloggers and it's been so nice to call Emily a friend. Without further ado -- get to know her a bit more!

 Who is the girl behind Emma Deer?
Well, my birth name is Emily but I also go by Em and Emma and love both of those! So call me whatever you feel most comfortable with. My middle name is Elizabeth and I also use the name "Emily Elizabeth" a lot because last name is super lame and doesn't sound cool. Recently I changed my blog name to Emma Deer (from Tea Tree) and I absolutely love it. My heart just wasn't in it with my old blog name. I wanted something more personal and to start fresh. The name just came to me after days of struggling to come up with "the name". My parents nickname for me since birth has been "Emma Bean" but my sweetie calls me 'dear' all the time. I am also in love with deer, mother nature and woodland creatures, so I wanted to incorporate that too. Emma Deer was born, It was meant to be! I'm from a small town in Wisconsin and have lived in a few different states and several cities, but am now residing in a tiny, and I mean tiny town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, population 57 or something ridiculous. But, take a five minute ride and you're in a town of population 2,800 so I guess it's not that bad. Let's just say it was a major adjustment! But, the bright side is that it is absolutely gorgeous here and I am always inspired the second I walk out the door and see the beauty I am surrounded by. And I do work full-time, 35 hours a week at my "9-5" - but my 9-5 just happens to be at home. I am very blessed to work for a company I believe in and have the ability to work in my pajamas, but it's not all it's cracked up to be either! Work is work.
What inspired you to start your blog?
A few things inspired me to start my blog actually. First, it was discovering blogs like A Beautiful Mess and sites like Etsy. Omg, I still log on to Etsy everyday because I am so continuously inspired by people. Bloggers and small businesses inspired me to start, because I also wanted to share myself and my creative outlet (photography and love of vintage). I read blogs for a long time before I had a serious blog of my own, though. But, then I moved away from home and my family and friends - and I knew I had to start one. As a way to keep in touch and more so, as a way to meet new people, When you work from home in a town of 2,800 (mostly elderly), it can be tough to meet people, especially when you're a shy, tattooed chick! I never imaged Emma Deer would grow into the blog it is today or the amazing people I would meet (Rachel included!!). Blogging has changed my life in so many ways.
Coffee or tea?
Both! I love a good cup of joe but I can be kind of a priss about it, like french press or nothing! My energy obsession is Rockstar, so if I need caffeine, I'll drink a lemonade Rockstar Recovery over generic coffee any day. But I also drink a ton of tea and will probably never refuse a cup if someone offered!
If  you were on a deserted island for a week, what 5 things are coming with?
Well, my iPhone for sure. It's loaded with pictures of all my loved ones and loved pets and I know it would help me get by (but it would die like right away so maybe I should rethink that...). Hmmm, I'd also want to bring a blanket, a watermelon (keep yourself hydrated, right?), matches and a knife. 
Favorite magazine(s)? 
Does the ikea catalog count as a magazine? ;] 
Favorite food?
(Authentic) Mexican! I could eat it every single day of my life. For sure. And also sushi!
Do you drive fast?
I used to, but I also used to be a much better driver! I've been in a few scary wrecks so I am a little hesitant about driving now. I watch a lot more carefully and drive a lot slower. Also, I'm nearly blind without "correction", so I can't really drive at night at all anymore! I'm about to turn 27 but I'm kind of like an old lady. 
What was your first vehicle? 
My first vehicle was a $500 red beater of a Ford Tempo. It lasted like two weeks. Speaking of vehicles, I've had horrible luck with them for some reason, mostly mechanical failures but I'm on my 9th vehicle and I've only had my license for 9 years. 
Favorite songs at the moment? 
  • Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert
  • I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons
  • Sloom - Of Monsters & Men
One goal you'd like to accomplish this year?
The one major goal I have this year is to finish my sleeve! Currently I have a massive peacock that is nearly done, we just need to add the finishing touches. Then I have all kinds of other ideas for the rest of my arm and want to get started on those. Money is the issue! I am begging my boyfriend to buy me a tattoo for my birthday, cross your fingers that he does!
Thank you so much Em for stopping by and sharing so much goodness about your lovely self! 

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Thank you so much for having me! It was so much fun! Have a great weekend my deer :]

  2. Great feature. Same Love is a beautiful song.


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