Take 5 Tuesday: bedroom wishlist

by - Tuesday, April 02, 2013

If you've been reading here for the past 3 months then you'll know that my family and I are moving this summer to the sunny southwest. We plan on selling most of our furniture just because we plan on hauling all of our own goods instead of hiring a moving company. Less will be more and starting fresh is part of the fun. I'm a big fan of mid-century modern design and furniture. If I had it my way all of these goods would be in my new bedroom! All of these pieces are very timeless and I think we'd get along just fine. (wink, wink!) I know that some Eames and Bertoia pieces will come into my life someday!

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peace, love & plywood,

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  1. Oh best wishes planning the move and Ooo that credenza is a must buy! I love the style too! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Oooh, getting a fresh start sounds really exciting! I'm really digging the mid-century modern vibe of everything here. It's not my personal style, but that dresser is so amazing!

  3. That credenza is gorgeous! A timeless piece that could be used for the bedroom and the living room too!

  4. Hi!
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  5. We have the same taste in furniture. exactly the same!

  6. Yes. I love it all! I just swoon over anything mid-century modern!!! Newest follower here. Love your style!

    Third Floor Design Studio

  7. Oh I'd take some of these as well! My ex boyfriend inherited a gorgeous Eames rocker just like this and not being able to sit in it was the saddest part of the break up. I still think about that chair six years later!


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