My start of the day.

by - Friday, March 01, 2013

Bag c/o Sweet Spot Bags
 My start of the day consists of something to drink, typically coffee. In a perfect day, it would be from Caribou Coffee or Starbucks. It would be even more perfect if it was delivered to me before I had to get ready and think about leaving the house.

Today I'm drinking that sweet little cup shown in the photo. Typically I would then put on makeup and be set for the day except today I'm heading off to yoga class. I've been a little addicted to yoga for the past 3 weeks! Actually I think in love with it is a better term. When I get home I'll add some products to my face and I'll be set to go. My morning routine is pretty typical. Coffee, yoga and a pretty face.. that's all I require. How about you?

Wishing all you friends a lovely Friday and an even lovelier weekend! Stop back here on Monday for a fabulous giveaway! (the bag above might be involved ::hint::)

peace, love & yoga,

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