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by - Friday, March 22, 2013

Hi! Today I'm sharing my 1st behind the blog interview with Mel of My Billie Designs! This will be a new series that I'm so looking forward to sharing with you at least once per month! If I were to sit down and have a cup of coffee with my favorite people in blogland this is how it'd go. Now without further ado, go on and read the interview. I had fun with my questions for Mel, enjoy! 
Who is the girl behind My Billie Designs?
Well for starters my name is Melanie and I go by both that and Mel. I'm a casual person so people naturally tend to go with Mel : ) I've lived in Mississippi all of my life, and am seriously amazed that I still live here! Six years ago I would have told you that I'd be living in some artsy apartment in Germany with a swanky European boyfriend and a cat. Little did I know then that my roots needed to grow a little deeper before being ready to travel, and that sadly, I'm allergic to cats.

Right now I'm finishing up a degree in Graphic Design and running a freelance design service through my blog, which will soon be turning into it's own little site (fingers crossed for it launching by the end of the month!). I currently have a swanky non-European boyfriend (who has a cat--thank goodness for Zyrtec!) and we'll probably travel all around the world when I finish my degree!

Do you have a southern accent?
I very much have a southern drawl, but I reigned in my heavy southern accent some time in high school. Sometimes I get this weird Sarah Palin-esque accent (don't ask).

Coffee or tea?
COFFEE PLEASE! I worked as a barista for almost 6 years so I'm definitely more hooked on the bean. Saying that, I do love teas! Coffee's my jam, though. I take it black or with a little bit of milk, depending on my mood. Today it was with a little bit of soy!

What inspired you to start blogging?
 Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. I loved how inspiring she was and how she truly wanted (and still wants) others to live happy, creative lives. It made me want to do the same!

Fave blogger(s)?
I'm obsessed with Naomi over at Love Taza. It's kind of sick, actually. She really inspires the kind of family I want to have one day. My other favorites are Bri (she's my life role model) and Bre (my design role model).
Let's go on a vacation right now, where do you want to go?
Oh wow, tough one! I've been craving Thai and Indian food a ton lately--so let's go to one of those places!

What's one fad that you hope comes back?
Eep! I've actually never been into fads, so I'm drawing a blank as to what some might be..? Umm....overalls are back already so, crimped hair??

Drew Barrymore or Michelle Williams?
Oh man. Probably Drew Barrymore, but just know that decision was not made lightly!

One goal for this year?
Just one? Mmmmm, to make a million dollars!

Favorite quote?
"A decision is just a decision. Make one, and if it turns out to be the wrong one, just make another one." That's what one of my old bosses told me one time, and it guides me almost daily. 

Thanks so much Mel! It was fun having you here today! =) Isn't she adorable?

Happy Friday!

peace, love & coffee,

P.S. If you haven't heard, google friend connect is leaving us. Boo! If you want to stay connected, join us on bloglovin'. We'd hate to see you go! 

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  1. What an awesome interview! I follow her inspirations too and yeah they are totally awesome! I'll go check out My Billie! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Fabulous interview on one of my fave bloggers! Now she's really got me craving Thai and Indian food. Mmmm
    ♥Emma Deer

    1. I love indian & thai food too. You'll have to come on our vacation with us!! :)

  3. Oh, I love Melanie's blog! This is a great interview. And I love her favorite quote :)

    1. Yeah, I'm writing that down too -- so good to remember! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love Mel! I follow her blog and it was nice to read some of her answers about things I didn't know about her!


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