Take 5 Tuesday: Mod Momma Valentine Wear

by - Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Valentine's Day is next Thursday my friends, are you ready for it? Do you have your outfit put together for the date that your special someone will be taking you on? If not, you've got a little time and I'm here to help. The above items would be fancy little additions to a lovely outfit that you have picked out. Of course I've got the most festive picks for you with the red or heart detail. You don't have to thank me, that's how I do it.

  1. Sequin Heart V-Neck Sweater $125-
  2. Rayban Chris Shades in Red $109-
  3. Heart Popover shirt $54.95
  4. Gold & Coral Stone Bib necklace by Stella & Dot $118-
  5. A little heart to have ring $110-
Which pick is your fave??

peace, love & coffee,

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