A visit to a wildlife science center

by - Friday, February 22, 2013

Last weekend we took a little trip to the Wildlife Science Center near my hometown. They had a dog sledding event going on so we decided to check it out. I really didn't want to go but I talked myself into it for the sake of my sweet little guy. It was cold out so I would have rather stayed in and sipped on hot cocoa but nonetheless, we bundled up and made the trip. I'm so glad we went!!

There were so many grey wolves, a few bears hibernating, mountain lions, this cute little owl below, red foxes, red wolves and dogs pulling dogsleds. It was so informative and really it felt like I took a step back in time. A step back to my childhood where I was young and so interested in the behavior and habitats of animals. It was so neat to hear the wolves howling in their natural element and to witness a little bit of the pack behavior.

If you ever are in need of something to do and live in Minnesota, you should definitely check this place out. Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for kids, no reservation required and you can head there anytime! If not, I'm sure there are many science centers around the states.

Have a wonderful weekend! You'd be surprised at the fun things that are just in your backyard!

peace, love & coffee,

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  1. I would have loved going to something like that when I lived there. Now I'll have another place to take Ruby when we visit :)

    1. I had never been but what a wonderful surprise it was! You'll definitely have to go when you're in town. :)

  2. That is such an affordable science center! If I was ever in the area - that is definitely a place I would love to visit!

    1. Yes, it's small but perfect! You'd love it!

  3. Lovely!


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