My Winter Favorites

by - Thursday, January 24, 2013

You may have an old down coat that you just can't part with because of the simple fact that it keeps you oh so warm in the winter. Or those 80's earmuffs that are still in tact and you cannot send them off. Well, here are a few of my winter favorites that I need and love. I shared this over on This heart of mine blog two weeks ago and didn't want you to miss out on my faves!

Here are my 8 essentials to a lovely winter!

1. Tea / My favorite is Passion by Tazo.
2. A good lipstick to brighten up your dazzling face / My favorite is Russian Red by M.A.C.
3. Lip balm to avoid cracked skin / My absolute favorite is Rosebud Salve.
4. A heavy duty button up cardigan to put on for almost any occasion / My favorite is vintage but similar to this one.
5. A pair of aviators will make any trip outside a bit more fashionable / I love my Michael Kors Aviators.
6. A head wrap or turban to tame that mane when you’re out and about / This one by Nicole Miller caught my eye.
7. A nice pom pom beanie to warm your soul / This double pom pom beanie is adorable!
8. A way to walk in warmth with some serious toe saving boots / Sorel Joan of Arctic boots are my current favorites!

What are your winter favorites?

That's all for today folks! I apologize for my lack of presence on the blog this week. I think today I finally combated the nasty flu bug that has made it's way through our home. My husband and son just need to round the corner with me.

peace, love & coffee,

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  1. That tea is the absolute best! Have you even iced it? It's perfect for summer. I also once chilled it and mixed it with ginger ale and Cointreau for a nice cocktail!

  2. I love that pom pom beanie--it's adorable! It's never really cold enough here in SF for winter accessories (but then again, I'm really hot-natured!).


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