Birthday weekend. {Baby turns 4}

by - Monday, January 21, 2013

This past weekend my "baby" turned 4! We celebrated by renting a hotel right near the Mall of America and making a stop at Nickelodeon Universe inside the Mall. We shared the evening with some friends and family back at the hotel. It was a lovely time indeed!

My little guy and later I got an unpleasant surprise after C woke up Sunday morning. He had developed a cough then a fever following after returning home. Monday rolls around and I was lucky enough to catch it too. We consulted a RN and was confirmed influenza based on symptoms. Take 5 Tuesday will be pushed back to next week while I nurse myself and little dude back to health.

wishing you good health & hand washing,

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  1. Happy Birthday to your son! :)

    Followed you through Girl Booklet, lovely blog you have.



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