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by - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Found at Boho Deco Chic.
An elegant and classic style, vintage chic has to be one of the most fun designs to create for the bedroom. However, with it’s mix of patterns, colours and even shapes, knowing the do’s and don’ts of this look is a must. By following some basic guidelines, mistakes can be avoided and the fun can begin!

Bold and bright is not for the vintage set. Work with soft colours, which are earthy to enhance patterns that are delicate and traditional. Soft blues, creams, pinks and greys will work very well. 

Delicate patterns on the wallpaper or on a worn rug on the floor are most vintage! Be careful not to overdo the patterns and again, don’t use anything too over-stated or bold.
Furniture is important for a vintage feel. Wrought iron ornate bedsteads fit wonderfully with this design. Visit http://bedstardirect.co.uk/ for a variety of metal and wooden beds that suit the vintage theme. Wood is also great for a vintage look, especially if attention is paid to the dressing of the bed.
Found at Decor Pad
Soft furnishings should be a mix of various textures particularly on the bed. Soft plain sheets with a delicately patterned throw and crocheted cushions would look fantastic and vintage.
French style furniture that can be found in antique shops, flea markets and even car boot sales makes for a vintage style. Even shabby items can be made to fit this look with a lick of paint.
Found at House to Home
After the basics have been covered, it is up to the individual how to accessorise the room. Scour second hand shops for antique lamps, ornate candle holders, gilded mirrors and picture frames.

Any items that look worn, tatty or old will suit this style perfectly, time to get creative! 

Thanks so much to Bedstar for these lovely tips!
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  1. Beautiul :) Love the teal bed frame in the second pic especially!

  2. I love that aqua bed frame too....gorgeous!! And off to Craig's List I go...

  3. these are my dream rooms...wood walls and vintage beds. i love them!

  4. found you through sensational creations giveaway, love your blog! following GFC :) http://plushpinkallure.blogspot.com

  5. amazing post & really inspiring! I have an old antique bed in my room and am considering adding some wallpaper with a delicate floral pattern behind. so glad I stumbled upon your blog! excited to follow :)



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