Stitch Fix #6!

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On Monday I received my 6th fix! It's been a bit since I've gotten one so I decided it was time to schedule one just in time for the holidays. I requested dresses and accessories to be included in this fix.

Here is how it all unfolded:

What do you think about this fix? Can you guess which item(s) I kept and which I sent back? Which ones would you have kept?

How about I dish it all out -- I kept 1 item. I loved the sweater poncho by Umgee so much however my skin is so sensitive to non cotton or polyester fabric. I tried this sweater on and just as I was about to take it off, it started irritating my skin. I was so bummed because I loved it! The cinched top I didn't really care for. I had this same print in a fix back in September and I just don't care for it. It wasn't flattering to my skin tone and the style wasn't either. Next up is the brown tie waist dress by Inoah. This dress has the loveliest cut and fit but I just couldn't get over how much it washed me out. Up after that was the tatou origami belted dress by Miilla. It's as soft as it looks and was accentuating in just the right parts. I had to keep it! That is the one item I kept and I'm glad I did! I feel like I can dress it up or down. While I loved the scarf, the price point was a little high for me.

To learn more about Stitch Fix, read below. One thing to keep in mind is the steep discount they give you if you keep all 5 things! They give you 25% off your order, yeah plus you get your $20 styling fee credited to your purchase as well.

 About Stitch Fix:

Stitch Fix is a fun and easy way to shop and keep your wardrobe up-to-date.  Based on your unique style, size and lifestyle, Stitch Fix sends you the latest apparel and accessories you'll love. Try on at home, keep what you like and send back anything you don't. Pay a $20 styling fee that is a credit toward anything you keep in the fix shipment. Schedule a Fix as often as you like with no monthly commitment, plus, shipping is always free!
Stitch Fix - your style delivered.

Are you a Stitch Fix member yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! If you have yet to join and would like to be invited go here!

peace, love & cute clothes,

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  1. I just got my first fix from Stitch fix and I love it! I am so happy I signed up for this service!
    Penniless Socialite
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    1. Isn't it addicting? I love getting a box full of clothes to try on! XO


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