Gift Swap Reveal

by - Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift Swap
We joined in the gift exchange over on Messy Dirty Hair. The person we had was Tricia from Today with the Tennery's! We hope you enjoyed your gift! You'll have to stop over on her blog to see what she got from us!

Here is what we received:

A sample pack of OPI nail polish inspired by the new movie, Skyfall. All great colors! A vintage inspired nail clipper and file, a shiny lipgloss from Ulta, and a pair of chandelier earrings from Francesca's Collections! I'm happy with my goods from Helene of Helene in Between! Thanks so much Helene!

Did you do any secret santa exchanges or gift swaps? What did you get?

peace, love & goodies,

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  1. Oohlala! I love Helene, so I knew she would do good! Thanks for participating and Happy Holidays! xoxo

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  3. Ohh, I saw those nail polishes at Ulta the other day. They are such pretty colors & pretty perfect for the holidays! What an awesome Secret Santa! I scored a couple running/workout tees because my SS did her research and found out that I'm kind of a workout junkie! :)

    Happy Holidays!

    Courtney @ Little Miss MBA

    1. I loved the colors too! Nice score for you!! Merry Merry to you Courtney! X

  4. Awesome goodies! I was just in our Francesca's store last night - love it!!

    1. I love that Francesca's revamped all of their selection to more apparel. Such cute things!

  5. The nail file is soo cute. Helene did soo well! Thanks for linking up!!


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