Feels like fall.

by - Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lately it's been feeling a lot like fall in these parts. The leaves have been slowly changing colors and falling to the ground. We've had a few sweatshirt days, long sleeve shirt days and a couple days we've put on our beanies. Fall is our favorite season and if it were up to us, it'd be fall all year.
This fall we have a couple things planned on our to-do list. Although we don't have any fall traditions, we're hoping to start some this year.

Here are some things on our agenda:
  • Go to a local apple orchard and get to pickin'. We'd like to make some pies and freeze them for the upcoming holidays.
  • Take a few day trips to some beautiful parks and go hiking. (Our family has found a new hobby)
  • Tackle a few home projects before the snow falls
  • Take a trip to Lutsen, Minnesota
  • Spend more time at our family cabin
  • Hoping to do a girlfriends night away to somewhere fun
  • Get the hubs to go on this zipline with me! (My son and I did this about a month ago!)
Do you have any fun fall traditions or happenings? What do you love about fall?

peace, love & coffee,

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  1. Hello! My name is Val and I live in small town MN also. Born and raised in Mcgregor mn. I am loving that fall is really here now also!
    have a great day!

    1. Hi Val! I remember coming across your blog awhile ago, I sometimes forget how small the blogging world is. :) We have a family cabin between McGregor and Grand Rapids that we go to often. We stop at Minnestalgia and the grocery store in McG every now and then! I'm def going to keep an eye on your blog now that I know your blog address! XO

  2. If it were up to me, it would be fall all year round. I'm with you sister. I don't have any fall traditions but I should. Maybe movies? Harry Potter is always a must watch for me this time of year!

    1. Yes, if you know of a place that has fall weather a majority of the year please let me know. :) Movies could be a tradition, yeah!

  3. Fall is just the best! I too would have it year round if it was possible! My favorite things to do are going to the park every day with my son and watching his little cheeks turn a pink color from the coolness, going to the pumpkin patch, and snuggling up under warm quilts to watch Disney movies! :)
    Bring on Fall!!! ♥


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